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The team at Attic-full Insulation is proud to help our clients better understand how they can keep their home or commercial property both safe and energy efficient. Check out some of the most common questions asked below and call us if you have any other questions.

Do I need venting in my attic?
Yes, venting is very important. It makes your shingles last longer, prevents ice damming, and of course prevents mold problems on sheeting and trusses.

How many vents should I see?
In an attic where insulation is tight against the roofline, you should see at least 1 vent every 4th joist space.

How many roof vents should I have?
Roof vents are good for approximately 300 sqft a vent, but if you have the room then more vents are better.

Are all blown insulations the same?
No they are not. Some are not good at all. They are more for saving the company money rather than giving the homeowner the proper R-Value. You will need to be careful.

Can you mix insulations?
Yes you can, the old still has an R-Value. The installer just has to know what it would be in order to add more to achieve the proper amount the customer wants.

How do I know if I have enough insulation in my attic?
A good rule of thumb is all insulation should be level whether it's batts or loose fill. If it is lower than 10 inches you do not have enough and should have more insulation added to reach today’s standards.

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